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Selling your boat or car?
We are trialling listings for these on Thamesonline to see if people find this a
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Until the end of August 2021 all listings for cars and boats will be FREE and show on the website for 60 days. (if there is a fee for this service after July
it will be minimal).

Gastronomics Restaurant and Bar
428 Pollen Street Phone (07) 868 9406

Sandra Goudie, Thames Mayor
Sandra Goudie, Thames Mayor
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"Absolutely amazing"
Christie Potter - Mt Maunganui
Christie Potter - Mt Maunganui@username
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"Absolutely delicious"
Maria Deal - Thames
Maria Deal - Thames@username
Read More
"Excellent Food and service"
Graeme and Glenis Candy - Mangatarata
Graeme and Glenis Candy - Mangatarata@username
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"Very yummy"
Whangamata Real Estate
Whangamata Real Estate@username
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"Thank you, the food was outstanding"
Minhinnick - Mairangi Bay
Minhinnick - Mairangi Bay@username
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"Superb swordfish"
Jzu and Forrest - South Carolina
Jzu and Forrest - South Carolina@username
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"Best meal in New Zealand in two years"
Kevin and Kay Flooks - Thames
Kevin and Kay Flooks - Thames@username
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Christine and Jim Neilson - Thames
Christine and Jim Neilson - Thames@username
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"Excellent meal"
Harold and Kay Newton - Ngatea
Harold and Kay Newton - Ngatea@username
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"Great venue and food"
Shane and Anna - Thames
Shane and Anna - Thames@username
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"Excellent meal, thanks for a great night"
Rojo George - Thames
Rojo George - Thames@username
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"Amazing place to dine"
Megan Richards - Thames
Megan Richards - Thames@username
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"A lovely experience , thank you"
Ian and Judy - Whangamata
Ian and Judy - Whangamata@username
Read More
"Excellent in all respects"

Thames Museum


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