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Drawn 18th December

$500 draw has been won by
Brian Peacocke.
Brian gets $500 to spend at
Thames businesses or organisations which are members of the Thamesonline community.
Adriene Hodgson has won the
$100 cashback from
Contrast Carpet Cleaning.

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New service
for Thames

Stay up to date with what's happening in our community
and let others know your news.
This is a new service for Thamesonline users ,
with local news available 24/7
and representing our whole community.
Click the 'Local News' button to see current news items
or to add your own.

Quality locally made masks at Lotus Realm

100% Thames is

Don't be fooled by the
'For Sale' sign on our building.
Our landlord is selling the building but our lease is secure. We are not closing or moving.
The building has been occupied since the late 1890's and appliances were sold from here since appliances were
first sold in the district.
The products may have changed but old-fashioned sales and service, where the customer's needs come first, remain.

The Wellness Lab is now at 108 Sealey Street Thames


Thames events

Events shown on Thamesonline will automatically disappear within  24 hours of their finish times.

Thames people attend a lot of events in neighbouring towns,
so we will start including these!

Thames Museum is open again


Thames Small Gauge Railway

The trains are back on track!!
Sundays 10:00am - 3:00pm

Our community is coming out of hibernation.
Got an event coming up?


When you get your
business cards from
Photo Factory
we display them:

* on this website
* in our office
* on two digital displays
on Pollen Street

Order your business cards at
or at 733 Pollen Street
(opp. Workingmen's Club)

Thamesonline - free advertising, working for you 24/7
Be in to Win!
Be in to Win!

Beach Hop 2020 has been postponed - new dates are 25th - 29th November 2020

Click Photo for The Treasury
Click Photo for Thames Museum

Be in to win!!

Each month Thamesonline will draw the winner of a cash voucher
which can be used at any business listed on Thamesonline
You can also register to hear about all Thames Special Deals offered 
on Thamesonline by local businesses and organisations.

Thames now has advertising for everyone


733 Pollen Street

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Thamesonline is a new way of presenting all that our community has to offer and letting everyone know what is available in our town.
It will promote local businesses and help keep Thames money in Thames.
Have a look round the site, and see what it can do for you
– local events, help with health, garage sales and more.
Thamesonline is brand new – let’s all use it.


Let’s fill up all the categories below
to show the whole Thames community.
Just give us details of your business or group, and we will build you a free listing in the category of your choice

Click a heading to expand or close options

We aim to show a complete range of events in the community
– sports fixtures, music and drama, educational, environmental
and whatever else helps to inform or entertain us.
Most event calendars list events long past their expiry date
– to avoid this, all non-regular events on Thamesonline
will disappear as soon as they end.
Regular events will always be visible.
This will ensure that visitors see only current or future events.

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Thamesonline - all our community in one place
Thamesonline - all our community in one place