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Photo Factory has been operating since 1995, and has been based in Thames since 2010.
We support other local businesses whenever we can, and want
to do something to make people aware of all the services available here.
We have created an online directory of businesses and social organisations in the Thames area, and are happy to list your business or group.
Entirely free – this is just something we can do to help promote our community, and to recognise the support we ourselves get from people in Thames and the surrounding area.
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For a community directory to be of value,
it must stay current.
If your business/organisation is already listed but
needs details updated, please let us know here

This community website can be found at
We will keep adding entries as they are received, until 
we have our whole community represented in the same place.
The more listings, the more people will see your message, 
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Important – please read this
We at Photo Factory have built 
a website to represent all of Thames,
and we welcome all businesses, clubs and social services.
Listings are free, and include heading,
details, website link and  photo.

We will do our best to design a listing exactly as you want it,
but can take no responsibility for any losses (financial or other)
caused by inaccuracies or non-appearance of your listing.
This also applies to all free event listings.
By requesting a listing for your group or event 
you are agreeing to these conditions.

Thamesonline is a website for the 
whole Thames community.
It is sponsored by Photo Factory, based in Thames since 2010.
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