the benefits of using Thamesonline

it is free of charge
Listings are free for individuals, businesses, sports clubs, social groups and services.
This means that everyone gets to tell the community about what they do and what they can offer – it’s not restricted to those with an advertising budget.

it’s 24/7.
Unlike other forms of advertising (radio 30 seconds, newspaper a few days), Thamesonline is available to its audience 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Information stays where we put it on the siteĀ so it can always be located – not like putting a notice on a community social media site, where it will quickly be replaced by pictures of cats and dogs. We use those sites too, but Thamesonline has one specific mission – to do the best possible job of representing everything in our community, and informing each and every member of this community about everything they need to know to get the best out of what we have here.
This means that someone looking for a special Thames bargain, a coffee, a sports club or help with their health can search for it at 4pm or 2am – it’s there for them at all times.

it will help keep Thames money in Thames
We have a huge range of great businesses and services in Thames, and they deserve our support.
Thamesonline will allow more people to see exactly what is on offer in our community, and help our businesses thrive.
This includes visitors to our town, who need to find what is available and where it is.

it has people waiting to hear about your offers to the community
Thamesonline has a rapidly expanding list of locals who have signed up as members to win prize draws and hear about the offers that businesses and groups make to the local community.
A monthly email to these members will include all Special Deals for Thames made by local businesses and groups.
A quick and easy way to get your message to people who want to hear it.

it has free stuff
It has a section where we can offer free goods or services to fellow members of the Thames community, whether this is a bag of lemons or a retired person wishing to use their skills to help another person or group.
Listings for garage sales are welcome.

it has a jobs section
This will help businesses needing staff locate the right people, and help job seekers find a position.

it’s new, and available for use right now.
The more listings we all put on the website, the better our community will be represented and the more useful the site will be.

it’s independently funded
Thamesonline is built and sponsored by local business Photo Factory, so it’s not burning any ratepayer cash,
and there is no subscription payable to use the website.

Please use this form to let us know what you would like to
do on Thamesonline

If you prefer, you can always
call in to see us at
507 Pollen Street Thames
(next building to BNZ)

Thamesonline is your community website

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or organisation in the Thames area
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Thamesonline is for all of us,
and ready to use now!
If you would like help 
making a listing,
please call in to see us at
507 Pollen Street Thames 

Local Business Photo Factory started building the Thamesonline website during lockdown in 2020.
It is designed to give everyone in Thames a voice within our community. Businesses, community groups, sports clubs and individuals can now tell the rest of us
whatever they need to tell the community.
Everything from garage sales and free stuff to Special Deals from local businesses can be listed, and we are always happy to help if you need some assistance with using the website. See us at 507 Pollen Street Thames.

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