I'm Matthew White, and I take pride in offering
a valuable service to the Thames community.
I have over 5 years experience and enjoy
what I do and seeing great results unfold.
My aim is to provide a top-quality service
and treat every job and
customer's need as unique.

I love the friendly Thames community. As a boy I visited this area a lot on holidays with my family.
I moved to this great place permanently from Auckland in 2019 and have no regrets.
I spent a lot of my earlier years working various jobs and eventually getting into the carpet cleaning trade.
With 5 years experience now under my belt, I run my own carpet and upholstery cleaning business
dedicated to providing the best service I can to the local community.
I believe in fair dealing, integrity and high-quality honest work.
Call me for a quote, I will be happy to help.

I offer a variety of services tailored to your needs:

Residential carpets

Commercial carpets

Household Fabrics

Leather upholstery

Stain treatment



Fabric protection

Flood assistance

Carpet Cleaning
- Our Process

When cleaning carpets I firstly always ensure the areas are properly vacuumed. This removes a great deal of dust from within the pile prior to cleaning.
Secondly I use an Enzyme Pre-clean solution which is evenly sprayed onto the areas to be cleaned. This chemical breaks down dirt and grime, making the overall result of the clean much better, After application the chemical is lightly agitated using a carpet rake, ensuring the enzymes react and are evenly spread and breaking down the dirt in the process.
Finally using the carpet cleaning machine with a mix of safe cleaning chemicals, the carpets are extracted removing the dirt and bacteria and leaving the carpets clean and smelling great.

Our services include
Residential carpet cleans
Commercial carpet cleans
Stain treatment
Upholstery cleaning
Leather care
Fabric protection

Contrast Carpet Cleaning uses
brilliant products
and years of experience
to deliver a fantastic result
every clean.

for any further information or to make a booking, please call Matthew on 022 367 4921
or use our email form

Upholstery Cleaning
- Our Process

When cleaning your upholstery, the process is similar to cleaning carpets. Firstly any areas requiring a vacuum are vacuumed. Couches then have their cushions removed so that every surface can be cleaned and so on. Pilling on the fabric upholstery can also be removed if necessary using a special Pilling Removal Machine.
A pre-spray chemical designed specifically to help clean upholstery is applied to the surfaces and lightly agitated with a brush.
Afterwards, all the upholstery is cleaned using an upholstery cleaning machine. The results are often very noticeable, leaving the upholstered items both clean and smelling great. 
To protect your carpets or upholstery after cleaning, ask about our ‘Fabric Protection’ service.
Leather upholstery cleaning is also available.

"I recently enlisted the help of Matthew White of Contrast Carpet Cleaning and am delighted with the result.
The carpets had been laid about 20 years ago, and subjected to traffic by pets and grandkids but came up like new.
In addition I asked him to clean a well-upholstered lounge suite and it is now back in the same 'show room' condition as when purchased 25 years ago.
I can confidently recommend his efficient and thorough work."
- Len Abercrombie, Te Puru

"Matthew recently cleaned the upholstery on my lounge suite that hadn't been cleaned since it was purchased many years ago.
He did a wonderful job and exceeded my expectations.
The cleaning was done during Level 3 and Matthew wore a mask and gloves and maintained social distancing.
He was very professional, efficient and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services".
- Caral Othman

"Matthew arrived promptly and got straight to work.
He was very knowledgeable and managed to completely remove a difficult stain that we'd tried to shift several ways already.
The price was more than fair, our carpets look like new, we can't recommend this service highly enough"
- Jacqui Barrow