Driver tuition/licensing


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- see us at 507 Pollen Street

Thames Community Centre

One of the things we do at the Thames Community Centre is to help Thames folk to get their driver’s licenses. We fundraise to pay for lessons, defensive driving courses and license fees, we’ll also help with getting photo ID’s and other documents needed to sit the tests. The people that receive this assistance give an agreed amount of voluntary time back to the community and the centre organises this. We have people volunteering here at the centre
and with other organisations we work with.
We realised some of the learner drivers couldn’t move to restricted because they didn’t have a car or qualified driver to practice with. So thanks to Wayne Richards and Valley Toyota the centre now has a car it can use for practice and we’ve got some great fully qualified drivers – we call them our mentors -
who will help the drivers with their practice.
We’ve just begun the first group of learners in the practice car and we are looking for more people who want to get their restricted, need some assistance and are willing to do some volunteer work. Please get in touch with the centre at [email protected] ,
or text Jeff at 027 868 9797
to set up an appointment at the centre.