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Consultants on Regenerative,
Profitable Soil and Farm Management.

Increase your soil fertility, nitrogen efficiency and profitability balancing soil minerals,
activating soil life and bringing more carbon into your soil.
Non-toxic pest and weed management
Sustainable and organic pasture management
Long-term weather forecasting.
Peter and Gill Bacchus M.Sc.
148 Brunton Crescent
Mobile: 027 263 2521
Email: [email protected]

Agricultural Action Group

Fighting for the future of all farming, dairying, horticulture, lifestylers, crop and veggie growers,
rural communities and all those living
and working on the land!

Fred Roberts: 027 624 5434
[email protected]
Robert Wilson: 027 491 8750
ro[email protected]
Heather Meri Pennycook: 021 990 169
[email protected]